Retail Analytics

Holistically interrogate, audit and visualise your data to find those key insights.

Data analysis has become a vital tool for all retailers but can be a challenge to deliver in real-time to those that need it. Tag Retail Systems Cloud based services make it easy to see promotion pick-up, abnormal sales triggers, restricted sales or basket size, available via a dashboard that can be offered to Store Managers, Area Managers, Business Analysts and Marketing Teams.

For your customers - immediate attribution to their in-store purchases provides anywhere, anytime access to Digital Receipt information either online or via Android or iOS Apps and creates a valuable customer engagement model too, either for simply checking purchase history or retrieving information in-store to help with a return for example.

Through comprehensive data modelling and business analysis we provide retailers with an unparalleled opportunity to truly understand their business in detail as never before.

Whether you require real-time data on individual product sales, loyalty scheme penetration or in-depth cashier performance, our unique system captures all relevant business data from all touchpoints.