Protocol Conversion

Real-time data conversion to solve new-meets-old problems.

USB Protocol Convertors
First introduced in the late 90’s, USB fast became the mainstay for consumer and office connected devices through the noughties - from PC’s, printers and speakers to memory sticks and flash drives.

However, retail has been a different story. With a not inconsiderable replacement cost and a paramount need to maintain operation of an enormous Serial communications connected PoS/till install base, the introduction of USB enabled replacement hardware has been a challenge for retailers and suppliers alike. And crucially some 20 years after USB was introduced still remains one today.

In providing options for retailers who for cost or strategic reasons don’t wish to swap out their whole Serial connected PoS, and aimed at circumnavigating the lengthy rewrite of PoS drivers and interfaces (if at all possible in some cases), Tag Retail Systems has designed a modular hardware protocol convertor that enables the introduction of new peripherals quickly and cost effectively.

Whether to allow the introduction of a new USB scale, scanner or printer, our target upon analysis is to provide a prototype for test and evaluation purposes in 4-6 weeks. In most cases we would start with a store or test location visit and then work with you to tailor our protocol convertor to your exact requirements.

Serial Protocol Convertors
Due to Serial retrofit requirements, there are new devices that alongside USB offer Serial connectivity. However, it’s not always the case that new Serial communication is the same as the old so Tag Retail Systems also provides Serial to Serial language convertors to allow the latest new scales, scanners etc, to be fitted. Just as per our USB-based convertors, we would expect to be able to provide a prototype for test and evaluation purposes in 4-6 weeks.