Scan & Shop Mobile

Improve convenience and queue busting by adding personal mobile Self Scanning via a customers smartphone to existing architecture.

Mobile self scanning continues to be recognised as a key solution to enhance the user experience by becoming a digital interface between the retailer and the consumer, either by way of augmenting Personal Scan And Shop or as a stand alone solution.

The new, cost effective way to deploy an in store scan and shop system, enhance customer engagement and shopping convenience. Whether an addition to existing in store scan and shop systems or a ground up product designed to meet specific technical or operational requirements, we have a solution for every retailer.

With extensive experience in PSS projects (including NCR / Retalix integration), we have learnt that retailers prefer a single supplier to develop, build and deploy all operational and technical components, both retailer side and customer facing.

As a result we have developed a comprehensive software framework providing essential core operation features such as customer registrations, product scanning via phone camera including description lookup and mobile payments. This framework also extends far beyond the basics to more mission critical features such as customer integrity validation, enhanced checkout security and real time monitoring and reporting.

Only by building a modular but flexible framework could we offer retailers a tangible cost saving proposition versus traditional hardware based scan and shop solutions.