Dynamic Print Management

Dynamically manage receipt data in real time and respond immediately to print output demands

Dynamically manage receipt data in real time in order to provide the retailer with live shopping insight and the consumer, via opt-in with their individual receipt preferences.

Whether for paper saving reasons, new fiscal / taxation format demands or simply a requirement to change a receipt layout for styling purposes, all require development resources and is just another job on the backlog.

This typically means that businesses don't always respond to internal customer or regulatory demands as well as possible but this can now change.

Handled by the Tag Retail Systems Point Of Sale API, Dynamic Receipt Management allows receipt format changes to be implemented in a matter of hours, not months. But how do we do this? It’s quite simple as after payment has been cleared the Tag Retail Systems PoS API aligns itself with the finished media print stream output and against an appropriate trigger e.g spend level or loyalty scheme ID, modifies the printer output in real time against the appropriate business rules.

As the ability to copy the receipt and serve this to a customer via a Digital Receipt, print options also include Short Receipts (typically 5cm) VAT/tax specific formatted and customer personalised.

Dynamic Print Management is a first for the retail industry and allows immediate responsiveness to business demands and a freedom to personalise printed output dependant on country, tax regime or customer.