Digital Receipts

Deliver receipts your customers will want to keep.

Consumers either love, hate or largely ignore the humble receipt, which today still remains a vital and legal proof of purchase. Tag Retail Systems combines years of retail and ticketing experience to develop modular and API solutions to achieve the e-receipt solution a retailer needs and ultimately generate receipts a customer will actually want to keep.

The future of Digital Receipting for the retailer is the seamless automatic delivery of digital receipts to your customers, without the irritation of needing an email address every time they shop in store.

To meet these demands and provide a frictionless customer experience, Tag Retail Systems have developed a specific, cloud API, that with minimal PoS system integration work allows real time delivery of digital receipts to a customer’s Scan As You Shop app, loyalty app, to an online account accessed via a web browser or by automatically by email as an opt-in preference and associated by customer identification.

Our digital receipt API intelligently links with all other purchase touchpoints within the ecosystems in order to allow the injection of hyper personalised promotions, coupons or discounts from any source. To find out more about the extensive feature set surrounding digital receipts check out Dynamic Print Management.