November 2018

TRS Partners With Tesco CE For Major App Development

Chris Baxter, Technical Director

After an invitation to attend and demonstrate at the 2018 Tesco Central Europe (CE) Manager conference, we’re pleased to say that the response from UK and CE management has been superb – on two different fronts..

The 2 day Brno event is definitely one for the calendar and brings together personnel from across the four Tesco CE countries to discuss current business performance, strategic developments plus enable Tesco colleagues to meet their counterparts in what is clearly a close-knit business family. As can be imagined, the logistics behind such an event are complex when bringing 2000+ people together with 5 languages to cater for. Oh, and throw in an awesome F&F fashion show too with an audience of 1,000! A credit indeed to Tesco CE to their technology, logistics and planning departments in providing the necessary infrastructure.

TRS were presenting developments for both colleague and customer solutions in a dedicated Tesco Technology demonstration arena. Our Tesco colleagues from Prague had a live demonstration of a Scan and Shop Mobile (SAYSM) in-store deployment, this including our own digital receipt delivery direct to the customer application plus Cloud printing of a physical paper receipt for the customer. Whilst providing the printed receipt might seem to be against the concept of digital receipting, offering of a receipt is currently a legal requirement across the European countries that Tesco operate.

Tesco CE are keen to move outside of the 2 trial stores with a plan now in progress to commence a greater roll-out of SAYSM in the coming months.

Separately, TRS also had a stand in our own right where we demonstrated key features of a new enterprise-level colleague productivity Application suite. Currently, the CE business utilises a series of separate Windows CE Applications for Price Verification and Stock Management purposes. As such, they’re hampered by limitations of long-established and feature constrained Motorola Symbol PDCU hardware.

To help take the business forward in 2019, TRS have been tasked to not only port over the functions currently used on the old PDCU’s but in conjunction with business process owners, analyse the current tasks performed and introduce streamlined methods into a cohesive and much simplified Application suite.

Software development is currently targeted to run on Android, with a novel aspect being core deployment on Samsung mid-level ‘A’ series Smartphones. With an eye on the future, subsequent development is expected to see Application versions also deployed on dedicated business devices such as the Zebra TC51/52 and even a version specific to broader colleague Android and IOS devices.

Feedback to all staff and management taking part in demonstrations was extremely positive with some excellent feedback and suggestions from those using PDCU’s now and, following a progressive 2019 rollout, to be actually using the new Application suite in the field.

In summary, we were extremely pleased to have taken part in a very successful international showcase event and further cement our excellent working relationships within Tesco Central Europe.